Vivacity Acupuncture & Holistic Health Care was founded by Margie Navarro, M.S., L.Ac. Born into a family of health professionals, Margie’s interest in holistic health care began in 1999 when friends and even some family members sought support in navigating health issues some of which were not responding to Western medicine. Her undergraduate studies included women’s reproductive health to herbalism to naturopathy with a Baccalaureate thesis project focusing on community-based healthcare within Permaculture Design.

Margie became a certified Yoga Instructor and Health Educator in order to assist individuals in meeting their health and wellness goals. Her advanced studies in Sivananda yoga were combined with studying Ayurvedic medicine. While she believes the cornerstone to a happy and healthy life are the choices we all make on a day-to-day basis, Margie became an acupuncturist to aid others in healing with this powerful Classical East Asian medicine.
Her Masters thesis project, completed at Tri-State College of Acupuncture, focused on the treatment of Anxiety-Depression spectrum conditions. Her post-graduate training includes intensive study with Kiiko Matsumoto in the Japanese style of acupuncture and moxibustion.  She completed advanced study to be nationally certified as a Diplomat of Acupuncture.
As a licensed acupuncturist, certified Yoga Instructor, Health Educator and Permaculture Design Consultant, her practice focuses on both prevention and treatment tailored to individuals.
Margie now practices in an integrative Western biomedical clinic, in addition to her private practice.


Colleagues & Allied Practitioners

While acupuncture and the adjacent modalities that I practice developed as a holistic medical system treating every condition on its own, in this day and age it is at times preferable to seek concurrent treatment from one or more Western medical professionals.  To streamline this process, I work alongside a variety of practitioners, often out of the same office so that by making one appointment you can access all of these services.


The physicians I work with include Dr. Andrew N. Bazos, M.D., specializing in Sports Medicine, arthroscopy, knee and shoulder surgery, Dr. Scott A. Reale, M.D., specializing in non-operative management of orthopedic conditions including neck/lower back pain, osteoarthritis and sports or work related injuries to joints, tendons & ligaments, and Dr. Douglas Allen, specializing in pain management.

Chiropractic care in conjunction with acupuncture can be especially helpful in relieving pain for facet joint injuries, osteoarthritis, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  Scores of patients with chronic headaches, sinus problems, high blood pressure, ear infections, leg pain, arthritis, and many other illnesses have also reported significant relief after chiropractic therapy.

Physical therapy to stretch, strengthen and realign is often helpful in conjunction with acupuncture treatment.  To take advantage of back-to-back acupuncture and physical therapy with Dr. Darlenzy Darbouze, DPT appointments are available on Tuesday and Thursdays at my Financial District location.

While there is often Tui Na, a traditional form of East Asian medical massage incorporated into Vivacity acupuncture treatments, many conditions respond well to additional massage therapy.  I work with several massage therapists practicing a wide range of techniques including shiatsu, deep tissue and neuromuscular therapy.


“I began acupuncture treatment for insomnia after I had developed a tolerance to many of the sleep medications. I was concerned by taking more frequent and higher dosages as the months went on, so I decided to think outside of the box. I noticed an immediate change the night after my first treatment. Acupuncture has helped me reverse my dependency on medications and restore a healthy sleep cycle.” – J.P.